Gallery 2021

"Pinball brains”


Antwan Hoedemakers

Paintmarker on paper 24 x 24 cm

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“Thursday brain traffic”


Antwan Hoedemakers Art.

Paint marker on paper 13,5 x 13,5 cm 

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"Not just another target”


Antwan Hoedemakers 

Acrylics on acrylics 22 x 22 cm 


“Pupate to a fluttering future”

This seems like a great way to get through the pandemic. Cozy in a cocoon and not being imposed on everything you should and should not. On to a colorful future where we can safely flutter around again.

"Mental fruits for new perspectives"

Inspiration is all around me. Experiences in daily life, seeing or discovering details. Experience that provides new energy. A food source for the brain.

"Monkey with orange"

Monkey tails or monkey tales that is the question. Is he playing with the orange? Does he eat the orange apple and turn into a prince? Nothing is decided in advance, let your imagination do the work and enjoy it.